Thursday, October 20, 2011

Home News 13 days Post Op

I have not posted since being home because as you can imagine I am SUPER busy with Hailey now. 
She seems to be improving each day, but some days we have setbacks and new pain.  The Dr's say the the pain will move around as all the nerves and muscles re-attach etc.  Still getting up at night every 4 hrs for medicine.  She said her shoulder blades feel like they have big rug burns.  
Now, how would she know what a rug burn is?  Ask her brothers.. :)  Kids are so honest. 
I remember before surgery she was sitting at the kitchen table and said her back hurt like she had a backpack on and was walking up a steep hill. ....

Her appetite is returning and I am always asking her if she wants something to eat.  Want this? Want some jello?  I found a new way to make "ensure" drinks taste better.  Put them in blender with ice and blend.  I snuck in some "green" nutrition power.  She could tell I added it.  I told her it was good for her iron which it certainly is. 

I have been so BLESSED to have some school families provide some meals for us.  Its not me that is recovering, is what I first thought.  But they lovingly insisted.  I am so thankful though! Being a caregiver and feeling PTSD from this whole ordeal, I feel like I am recovering as well.  

Hailey's surgery journey is one of the most difficult things I have ever been though in my life.  I have had to deal with my own issues of fear, letting go and trusting other people and most important trusting God.
One morning during prayer and agony over this-- God spoke to my heart and told me, "She is my daughter too, and I love her more than you do.  My love is perfect." 

I also want to thank my "internet/txt" pal Brenda.  A mom from across the states whose courageous daughter went through this 1.5 years ago.  She knows first hand as a mom what I have been feeling and has shared much of her experience with me.  She has also prayed us through!  

Hailey's first comment out of the hospital, "ahhh fresh air"  Sacramento!

We had her propped, really well.  The only thing we forgot was bubble wrap and packing peanuts.

The beautiful zipper......

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I always liked to look at the pictures on blogs.  They seem to tell a part of the story. Here are several.
We have been having a hard time managing her pain.  Trying several meds. 
Finally found one that works and thankfully not making her sick called Norco. 
They first tried Tylenol Codiene, and not sure if it was the fact that it did not work or medicine but she was really agitated and even biting her nails and blanket.  The nurses switched to the Norco and valium and with in 1/2 and hour she noticed the pain going from a 10 to a 4 and when we got her all cozy nested in the pillows she said a zero.  She gets quite tense when getting up and down but once we get her all nested in her bed she takes a deep breath and says ahhhhh.
She has some nerve pain in her leg when walking but they say its normal for this surgery and will go away eventually.  It makes her not want to walk much.  Hmmmmm
She went from 5'2 to 5'4 ! 
WOW.  See her with her physical therapist.
I think we will be being discharged tomorrow.


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tuesday, Tuesday...... post op x ray

Ok, it seems like we have been here a year now, but its only been 4 days.
Hailey is a trooper and everyday it seems to get a tiny tiny bit better.  Did I say tiny?
She does not like to move cause it hurts, but the best thing for recovery?  MOVING.
 Not only does she have all the stuff in her back,  they removed 3 sections of ribs to remove that "hump" on her back.  Its hard to breathe. They said like cracked ribs.  Plus all the surgery stuff.
What a trip.  Do you want to see her post op x ray?  Its very hard for me to look at, but if you look at it objectively and scientifically and miraculously its ok.  Here goes...   Look on the L at the removed ribs section.
Down below is a picture of her looking happy.  She is in good spirits and pretty much sweet ( except when she is ordering me around..) and she said everybody is so nice here.  All of her nurses has been very sweet and kind.  She only trusts them at this point to move her around.  I am just, "mom".
As to when she gets out, don't know at this point.  I'll update everyday.
She would love emails if you have her email.


Monday, October 10, 2011

Monday update

Good news is we are on pediatric floor now. Quiet for now till our roommate comes.
Today has been a roller coaster. Getting from icu to here and then getting settled. She has been taking several steps and standing and getting out of bed to use potty. BIG STUFF when recovering from scoli surgery. Her pain jumps around depending on activity. She's had a fever that comes and goes but they say normal for big surgery. They are pumping her with all kinds of medicines.
She asked the nurse if the ice had sugar in it cause it tasted soooo good. He said "nope, just good ol Sacramento water.". I laughed. Sometimes it's the simple things like being thankful for ice that makes it a little better.
She loves emails and talking to her friends on Facebook. Anything stimulating and personal.
She also likes being in control of the tv remote. Something that does not happen all the time at home. :D

Still cannot figure out how to get pics on here...

Have to do from my computer I guess.


Sunday, October 9, 2011

Surgery update.

Surgery went well. I'll post pics when I figure out how.
Friday was the LONGEST day of my life.
Started at 12:45pm got done around 6pm.
Surgeon said it went beautifully.
T 1 to L 2
Took a while to come out of anesthesia and take berating tube out.
Icu is intense.
She is going to be standing up in a few minutes.
Walking tomorrow.
Her pain is great and she needs to be brave and courageous and get moving.

Dr says moving to reg room today.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

For my last few days of regular activites (for a while) I'm going to the dance with my best friend, as hillbillies! Pictures will be up soon :)

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Surgery Date October 7th

Well we have a real date now.  October 7th, next week.  They bumped us up big time as our previous date was Nov 16th.
After this last 7 months, it will be good to have this surgery in the rear view mirror.
Current concern?  I want her to be heathy for surgery.  There is strep going around at school and the FLU.
Yuk.  I gave her a pocket hand sanitizer and said, "Use it regularly"....
That and Emergen C packets everyday.
How I love my daughter!  She is amazing and seems to be almost looking forward to this day.  She has an amazing attitude and is filled with faith and trust.  Thats her middle name... FAITH!